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We do not hire sales personnel.

An experienced consultant will take your call.


Our goal is to provide useful information regarding services you are interested in.  Our consultants will evaluate your website or credit card processing statement at no charge and at no obligation to you.


We’ve spent years researching your options.  I hope you find our solutions helpful.



  Michael Lawrence


Michael Lawrence - President



Affordable SEO.  Guaranteed Search Engine Placement


You are guaranteed search engine placement on the first page of the natural listings or your money back.  We specialize in Google, Yahoo and MSN placement.  Proper site optimization is not guesswork.  Our SEO specialist understands what the search engines are looking for when they visit your site.  We take the time to explain how search engines work and what is needed for your site to compete.  We evaluate your website and offer you an affordable search engine optimization plan.  There are no loopholes in our guaranteed search engine placement agreement.  We get your site to the first page - or your money back.  View Guarantee and Pricing  


You choose your keyword phrases. 

Thousands of consumers are searching for your keywords every day.  Our SEO consultant conducts keyword phrase research with you.  We conduct keyword popularity research to select the most important keyword phrases for your market.  Our affordable seo targets consumers looking for specific products and services.


No Tricks.  We Respect Google Guidelines.

Avoiding tricks or black hat techniques allows us to maintain the placements we achieve for you.  A thoroughly optimized site will tend to stay on the first page and continue advancing in placement and page rank.


Consumer and Search Engine Friendly.

We will not change the look of your site or slap meaningless content on your pages.  Our SEO copywriting team will maintain your corporate image and sales conversion as we discreetly optimize your site.


Your Personal SEO Consultant.

Our SEO expert will consult with you personally and supervise every step of your optimization.  We treat your site as if it were our own.  We want your business for life. Our



Our written guarantee speaks for itself.  References are available upon request.  Our ethical SEO practices and guaranteed search engine placement assure your  satisfaction.


Placement Worth Paying For:

Our affordable search engine optimization plan guarantees valuable major market placements.  We have thousands of first page placements on Google, Yahoo and MSN. 


Placement Example: 

First Page:  Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL - Search Term: accept echecks.  






Affordable SEO.  Guaranteed First Page Placement.  Google, Yahoo, MSN.


SEO Tutorial.  Free SEO Training.  Understand SEO Basics.


SEO Copywriting.  Free SEO Copywriting Instruction.


W3C Compliance.  Test your source code for errors.


Search Engine Keyword Placement.  Keyword Analyzer.


Crosslinking.   Proper cross linking.  Avoid bad reciprocal linking.  


Free SEO Toolbars.  Install Google Toolbar.  Download Alexa Toolbar.





Merchant Services.  Ecommerce Gateway and ACH Processing.


Credit Card Processing.  Lowest Rates in the Nation.


Credit Card Terminals.  Free Merchant Credit Card Terminal.


Accept Credit Cards Online.  Lowest Rates - ecommerce gateway.


QuickBooks Point of Sale.  Download Transactions to QuickBooks.


ACH Processing.  Pay Employees - Transfer Funds from Your PC.


Accept ACH Checks.  Save money with ach payment processing.


Online Shopping Carts.  Merchant Account Shopping Carts.





Aggressive Internet Marketing.  Targeted Internet Marketing.


Convert Website Traffic.  Convert Website Traffic into Sales.


PPC Management.  PPC Campaign Management.


Yellow Pages Online.  National yellow page advertising-local prices.


Google Adwords.  PPC Online Advertising.


Yahoo Advertising.  Rich Media Partners.


MSN Advertising.  Explore new ways to market your site.



Frequently Asked SEO Questions.



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Frequently Asked SEO Questions:



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Merchant Services A2Z


Friendly Experienced Consultants



Call Toll Free  ( 866 ) 513- 4088



We do not hire sales personnel.

An experienced consultant will take your call.


Our goal is to provide useful information regarding services you are interested in.  Our consultants will evaluate your website or credit card processing statement at no charge and at no obligation to you.


We’ve spent years researching your options.  I hope you find our solutions helpful.


      Michael Lawrence


 Michael Lawrence - President


What are Natural Listings / Organic Results?


When you enter a search term or “keyword phase” into a search engine – the engine draws from a huge database of web sites to find sites containing information related to the keyword phrase you entered.  For your site to be included in that database – your site must be submitted to that engine.  Once submitted, the content of your web pages are indexed by that search engine.  Search engines will select the best optimized and highest ranked sites from their index to appear on the first page of a search result.  There are only 10 natural listings on the first and subsequent pages of a search result.  These results appear on the left hand site of a search results page – below the sponsored or PPC links.  Web site owners are NOT charged per click for appearing in the natural listings.  Studies show that up to 70% of all web traffic is initiated by search engine users clicking through from the natural listings - also know as the organic results.  Our affordable search engine optimization plan guarantees first page natural listing placement.


How does the optimization process work? 


To achieve your guaranteed search engine placement – our SEO specialist evaluates your site and addresses any improper forwarding, linking, duplication or improper meta-tagging.  If you are violating Google Guidelines – your site may have been penalized and prevented from advancing in placement and page rank.  Your first session with our SEO consultant will be spent selecting keyword phrases that your prospective customers are searching for.  Then our SEO expert builds those phrases into your meta tags, source code and content.  We work together SEO copywriting your content. This way your content is unique, relevant and consumer friendly.  Once the optimization is complete our SEO specialist resubmits your site to all major search engines.  Resubmission directs the search engines to return and reevaluate your site.  You should see dramatically improved placement and page rank once your properly optimized site is indexed by the search engines.


Do I need to optimize my site every year? 

No. Once properly optimized; updates, resubmissions and adjustments should be sufficient. Our affordable seo plan includes monthly maintenance.


What is monthly maintenance? 

Monthly placement reports measure your search engine standing.  Adjustments, updates and regular submission to the search engines – give your site an edge over competitors and help to increase your placement and page rank.




Search Engine Optimization:  The optimizing of a website by an SEO specialist to increase site rank and placement in the natural listings.


SEO:  An abbreviation commonly used for Search Engine Optimization.  Our SEO expert has mastered those skills.  Learn more: seo tutorial.


Keyword:  A word or phrase consumers search for on a search engine.  Optimizing for the proper keywords will allow you to capture quality site traffic and increase revenues.  Search engine keyword placement.


Page Rank:  Google ranks website pages from 0 - 10.  To view your page ranks Install Google Toolbar.  A page rank of 4 or 5 is a respectable. 

Page rank can help you to determine how well you have optimized your site.  If your site is over a year old and has low page ranks – there may be a problem you need to address. 


Sand Box:  A site violating Google Guidelines may be sandboxed or prevented from advancing in placement and page rank. Our ethical SEO practices help you to correct the situation and avoid these pitfalls In the future. 


PPC:  Pay Per Click advertisers pay each time their site is visited.  Their sponsored links appear above and to the right of the natural listings.  These advertisers bid for each keyword phrase they want paid placement for.


Source Code:  The code generated when you create a web page. 

To view your source code: click view then source on your browser.


Meta Tags:  Tell search engines what your site is about and what keyword phrases you wish to be indexed for.


W3C Compliance:  The W3 stands for World Wide Web. The C stands for Consortium.  Compliance means your source code is compliant with this group’s standards.  Learn more about W3C compliance.


SEO Copywriting.  The optimizing of your page text.  Properly optimized page text increases your placement and page rank. We can show you how to maintain user friendly text that will improve your standing with the search engines.  Learn more about seo copywriting.


ROI:  “ROI” is the Return On Investment you should expect from increased traffic and sales after a professional optimization.




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Description of Services.  We provide affordable seo, guaranteed search engine placement, seo consultant, seo copywriting and affordable search engine optimization. Call our seo specialist for expert seo and ethical seo nationally.


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