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Merchant Credit Card Terminals


How Credit Card Terminals Work.


A credit card terminal receives and transmits information via phone line, internet connection or cellular service.  When you swipe a card through a credit card terminal – the terminal dials Visa and MasterCard via phone line to authorize the card.  Within seconds the card is accepted or declined.  The completed transactions are stored in the credit card terminal until you close batch at the end of day.  When you close batch, those transactions are transmitted via phone line to your credit card processing provider.  The credit card processor deposits funds into your bank account within a few days.  View our low rates and Fees.


Free Merchant Credit Card Terminal. 


New merchant credit card services clients receive one of these free terminals:


Free Nurit 2085 credit card terminal – merchant credit card terminal.

Free Razor Phone POS - cell phone credit card terminal.

Free Blackberry 7250 - wireless credit card terminal.


Retail Merchant Credit Card Terminal.


Retail stores physically swipe credit cards.  You connect via phone line from a conventional merchant credit card terminal.  You can also key card information into these terminals.  We recommend the Nurit 2085.  This terminal contains additional com ports that allow you to add fingerprinting, retina scanning or other hardware if needed.  You can ad a Pin pad to accept debit cards at a discount. discounted rate.  All new merchants receive a free nurit 2085.


Phone Order Merchant Accounts and Online Shopping Carts.


A phone order merchant account allows you to key card information a virtual terminal or your PC.  You will use an ecommerce gateway or internet connection to do this.  A virtual terminal is a secure webpage containing a form you fill out to enter the customer’s credit card information.  A virtual credit card terminal saves you time.  Once you have a customer in the database of your virtual terminal – you do not have to enter card information again to process a new order from that customer. An online shopping cart also transmits via an internet connection or ecommerce gateway.  This can also save you time by allowing customers to enter their own transactions.  


Wireless Credit Card Terminals.


A wireless credit card terminal transmits transactions through a cellular service.  This allows you or your installers to accept credit cards on the road.  Wireless merchants receive a free blackberry 7250 or cell phone credit card terminal.




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Merchant Credit Card Terminals


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