SEO Client Agreement
Merchant Services A2Z agrees to perform the following Search Engine Optimization services as specified below for the benefit of:             
Company Name:
We guarantee “Five” (5) (natural listing) first page placements on Google, Yahoo or MSN within 90 days of receipt of good funds from client for this optimization.  
Client must submit signed payment information and completed SEO Client Agreement prior to optimization.  
Guarantee only applicable for contracts including completed monthly maintenance for two months - beginning second month. 
Client may cancel monthly maintenance agreement any time after 90 days without penalty.  
We agree to perform the following optimization by the prescribed completion date below. 
Should we fail to achieve the aforementioned 5 placements under the terms of this agreement; we will refund client the initial optimization charge. 
We will only charge monthly maintenance fees after 90 days if client maintains or improves achieved placement.
Client may select cities and or markets to be included in optimization.  
First page placement of keyword phrases including a selected city, state or county shall be considered achieved placements.   
Client must approve phrases prior to optimization. 
Refund shall occur within 14 days of receipt of email or written request from client.   
Any refund due client will be treated as good funds and accepted as payment for additional or continued services upon request of client. 
Optimization Services include: Keyword consultation, research and assignment of desired keywords. 
Initial Google, Yahoo and MSN placement report for chosen keywords prior to optimization.  
Site inspection to assess search engine guideline conformity includes: linking, redirects, site and content duplication. 
Optimization of meta-tags related to placement optimization. Services include consultation and SEO copywriting instruction to develop keyword rich content.  
Upon completion of optimization - website shall be submitted to all major search engines for indexing. 
Post optimization placement reports shall be provided beginning second month. 
Optimization shall include optimization for desired national or regional cities, states and counties.  
We agree to refrain from optimizing a direct regional competitor of any active client.  
Monthly and Weekly Maintenance includes: (Beginning second month.):  
Monthly placement reports.  Scanning and analysis of page rank and placement reports, minor adjustment of meta-tags, consultation regarding-
-reciprocal linking and updates to site content.  
Service includes regular manual submissions.
Intellectual Property.  Client agrees to respect and protect the confidentiality of all counsel and materials provided during this optimization.  
Client further agrees to refrain from sharing said information with third parties.  
Search Engine Guidelines.  Client agrees to refrain from any activities which may violate search engine guidelines – 
-including but not limited to: source code, content, redirects, improper linking, paid placement and email campaigns associated with this site.  
We are not responsible for delays caused by client, hosting providers or changes made to website by clients or third parties.   
Optimization Requested: 
Optimization Initial Charge
Monthly Charge
To be completed
10 Page Regional Optimization 
30 days
10 Page Web Design 
National and Major city pricing may vary.
Total Initial
Total Monthly

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